Jiduo Zhang


Pursuing Ph.D admission in 2020 fall


Northwestern Polytechnical University 2017.9 -

Xi'an, China (People's Republic of)

Northwestern Polytechnical University 2013.9 - 2017.6

Xi'an, China (People's Republic of)

RWTH-Aachen University 2016.9 - 2017.4

52062 Aachen, Germany


In-process Tool Condition Monitoring Based on Convolution Neural Network

Dali Cao, Huibin Sun, Jiduo Zhang*, and Rong Mo.
Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems
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Homepage of projects -> kidozh.com/projects


Intelligent manufacturing, Key Lab of Contemporary Design and Integrated Manufacturing Technology, Ministry of Education, NPU 2017.9 -

Intelligent manufacturing

Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University 2018.1 - 2018.2

Turbomachinery Winter Camp
Turbomachinery, in mechanical engineering, describes machines that transfer energy between a rotor and a fluid, including both turbines and compressors. While a turbine transfers energy from a fluid to a rotor, a compressor transfers energy from a rotor to a fluid.

Lightweighting Design, RWTH-Aachen 2014.9 - 2015.11

bolts effects in composite material, bolt’s effect in bolted joint by ABAQUS is investigated. Hashin failure criteria is applied.

Dance Robot Inovation Club, NPU 2014.9 - 2015.11

Computer Vision in Software Department
Computer Vision, in basketball robot, aims to identify basketball and measure the distance from that. OpenCV, Point Cloud, Machine Learning and Deep Learning used. The robot won the 2nd prize at RoboCup Contest in 2015.

ACM Inovation Base 2014.7 - 2017.6

ACM, Learns about fundamental and advanced computer algorithm and data structure. I won two prizes at Sichuan and Shaanxi ACM/ICPC provincial contest


Honors & Awards

Northwestern Polytechnical University Graduate Innovation Seed Fund Shaanxi, 2017
Outstanding graduates Shaanxi, 2017
CSC Scholarship Shaanxi, 2016
Silver medal in ACM-ICPC Shaanxi Regional Contest Xi'an, 2015
University Award Shaanxi, 2015
Silver medal in ACM-ICPC Southwestern China’s Regional Contest Chengdu, 2015
Honorable mention in ACM-ICPC Shanghai Regional Shanghai,2014
Honors College Award Shaanxi, 2014